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Kapalicarsi is maybe the only place in Istanbul that makes me feel like i'm a tourist. Along with Sultanahmet area -the old peninsula-, it brings the feeling of leaving daily life & issues behind, it's me alone, i'm only wandering around. That's why i get so happy when i go there.
may 11 kapalicarsi, my qamze and i, we went there for an errand [first we had to find a certain place, and i realized how unbearable i find the rush and the act of searching, so i had to slow poor gamze down] but then we found ourselves checking out diamond rings [i went for my favorite kind again, the vintage look that reminds me of my grandmom and god knows what else], buying pashminas and fake bags, slurping turkish coffees at fes cafe [how can it be so good?], falling in love with designer jewellery. throwing out seeds at birds. making wishes. standing by the sea that is so blue. letting out the tourists in ourselves.

times like these, i'm travelling light, i say to myself.
we must travel light.


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