frugal, baby.

Looks like everyone's hit by the saving wave these days. Last night I was looking around on the internet for extra saving tips when I discovered a whole new blogosphere on frugal living.
For some reason I can't get my thoughts together this morning (could it be that I haven't had coffee yet?). But basically, this lady called Dawn started a post titled '25 ways I save money' on her blog
Frugal for Life (unfortunately she lost all her older posts recently), and personal finance blogs like Getting to Enough, The Finance Journey, A Path to Simplicity, Frugal Upstate, Zen Habits, Like Merchant Ships, The Good Human, Neat & Simple Living (oh God, there is more), Tired But Happy and Mighty Bargain Hunter followed suit along with some others. It was good to see how other people are handling the stressful financial times, as well as finding out we're not doing too bad saving-wise (save for some eating out, we're trying to cut down on that). What else do I do? Well, I try to make good use of leftover food, I shop for outfits off-season, we try not to take cabs, we don't drink or smoke or go out to ridiculously expensive clubs, we get our work-out by running on the waterfront so we don't have to pay for gym memberships, I switch off unnecessary lights, and we don't spend money on watching movies, and we watch them streaming. I'm sure I do a lot more things without knowing since I'm the daughter of the daughter of a World War II witness who was raised by World War I witnesses.
As for the frugal blogosphere, I added them to my Bloglines, and now I have personal finance blogs to follow alongside my astrology and design ones!


Douglas Glenn said…
yes, you combine frugality and quality and are a great wife. :)

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