Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's Thanksgiving. We are a little nostalgic in the household because D is obviously, American, and he misses spending Thanksgiving with his bigger family, and to me it brings back so many fond memories of dinners with my American friends, where there have been times I ate to the point of getting myself sick (and it only happens with Thanksgiving food - I am a modest eater). I love cranberry sauce and stuffing, and the combination of all that Thanksgiving food, the warmth, the pumpkin pie with a little bit of ice-cream on the side, and the part in the beginning where you give your Thanks to whatever you are thankful for. This year I'm thankful for the abundance of love in my life, having a warm, safe, comfortable and happy place to stay, my family's well-being, the love and acceptance of my new family; and I'm thankful for my ability to float on, coast up and be happy. I hope for more things to be thankful for, without losing sight of the basics.
There are lovely
videos on Martha Stewart's website if you're interested in the holiday-crafting with glitters and things.
Today's Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a good one. Happy Thanksgiving from Turkey!
(image via Martha Stewart)


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