real simple: life made easier

I love real simple's website. They have so many solutions for everyday life, and such good suggestions. It really makes life 'real simple' to tackle every day, and be content and happy with what you are achieving on a daily basis. Because that's something I value so much in life. To be able to enjoy the mundane details in life. Of course, this shouldn't mean that we should enjoy the mundane so much that we don't go out looking for new, bigger challenges that will give us more out of life. It is just to say that there is a lot to enjoy in real life as well, as opposed to a life that is all goals and fantasies and aspirations, and in fact, every day of every person you can imagine is made up of those small moments that are 'simple' and, well, mundane. . . Going back to real simple, look at their forms & checklists section, for instance! It's awesome, they have 'Essential Travel Information Worksheets' (checking that out RIGHT now), lots of checklists about wedding planning, printable shopping lists, and even inventory worksheets for your basement, attic, family room, et-ce-te-ra! All this sounds amazing to me. It opens the doors of a whole new world, since in Turkey people are not too big on getting organized.
and I love their illustrations.
and they have a life & soul section.

I just made it my homepage.


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