have you heard about goop? it’s gwyneth paltrow’s new project where there’s a website and a mailing list, but i’m not sure what to make of it. the design is surely elegant and simplistic, like ms. paltrow herself. the material seemed somewhat long to sit down and read and digest all at once, and i tried to break it down to pieces, but i couldn’t get back to it once the initial ‘you’ve got mail’-glow around it is gone. so i don’t know. it would have been better if she just came up with a website that one can visit and go around in one’s own time. but maybe she didn’t want to get all the material ready all at once (but that’s why we have blogs, isn’t it?), or she wanted to appear once a week and make people’s days. again, i’m not sure. i’ll observe it a little longer and will be able to post healthier comments.


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