Veronica Mars

What happened to Veronica Mars? The teen-detective-themed series with the cute, petite, sassy blond, Kristen Bell? Me, my sister, and our friend Baris were religiously watching the show a while ago, and three seasons went by like the wind when we were left high and dry (along with other fans) in anticipation of the fourth season: there would be no fourth season. I have enormous respect for the past, so when Baris came over a few weeks ago -husband having fun with poker buddies, I hang out with Veronica Mars buddy, yay- we popped out a thrilling episode and 3 other episodes followed. Since then, I can't stop watching Veronica Mars -me not working might have something to do with that-. In an effort to keep the husband-wife bonding bonfire alive, even D offers to watch it with me sometimes, and that's OK, but I don't understand why they put an end to such a witty and exciting series with beautiful and fairly interesting people. Sure, the answer to that question starts with an R, but I think the show deserved a second chance. The tagline for the show is given at IMDB as 'Street smart with heart'. Awards? 14 nominations and 1 win. The show has sarcasm and an off-beat humor, the casting fits the roles, in my opinion, except for Duncan Kane, who always seemed somewhat out-of-it to me. Maybe the reason I love VM is that I dig mystery and suspense, but I also like their clever lines and that, unlike me, Veronica always has something to say. Kristen Bell from the show did other shows such as Heroes and Gossip Girl, and I could watch them, of course, but it's just not the same. Call it single-mindedness, but I want Veronica Mars back. All that being said, it's high time I went back and watched one more episode and satisfied my craving for a good mystery being solved.


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, I totally love Kristen Bell...I have such a girl-crush on her! I miss VM too. I like watching her as Elle on Heroes, but she isn't really in Gossip Girl, she only does the voice over, so it's definitely not the same.

Hope you guys will come hang out with me in Portland sometime when you get to the states!

p e l i n said…
I got D addicted to VM too!

We'll definitely meet in Portland in January.


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